Beach Hardware

Exploring the art of sea defences on the beach.

Groyne #1
On a receeding tide pebbles and shells dusted with individual grains of sand and wedged into an eroded groyne reveal the power of the sea.  The grain of the wood is reminiscent of wave patterns exposed in sand at low tide.

Groyne #2
The architecture of this groyne has been sculpted by the relentless pounding of the sea and pebbles. Wave washed wood bleached by the elements reveals intimate patterns.  Though now weakened by decades of duty it still stands resolutely guaraading the beach.
Groyne No: #3
The small pebbles forced into the fissure are reminiscent of a necklace of amber that could have once been worn on these shores by a South Saxon Princess. Carving on the seasoned wood has formed an intricate pattern from the constant pounding of the relentless tides and shingle.
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